HVAC Preventative Maintenance in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Heating and cooling equipment is normally neglected until it acts up or stops working entirely. But by forgetting about these expensive and important units, you’re not only hurting your HVAC system, but your own wallet in the process. Simple, routine maintenance can greatly improve the efficiency and longevity of your units, giving you more years of trouble-free service.

Because we know how important this service is, we are proud to offer a Preventative Maintenance Agreement, or PMA!

What a Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes

Our PMAs are popular choices for our clients who want to ensure their systems are always running their best. Here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy with a PMA program from Tom Rechtin.


Dirty coils, blower wheels and filters cause your equipment to work harder to do the same job, thus costing you more money in running costs. We will keep these items clean to ensure that your energy bills stay low.

Early Identification of Problems

Rather than waiting for a breakdown to occur, (as they always do during the peak season!) our technicians will see your units often and make sure they preemptively deal with any warning signs before they manifest themselves.

Repair Discounts

If you are in our PMA program, you will have 20% off all repairs performed and all diagnostic fees. You’ll also be exempt from any overtime charges.

Longer Lifetime of Use

People in our PMA program enjoy many more years of service from their HVAC units because they are well-cared for. Just like a car that has its oil changed regularly, AC and heating units will be in infinitely better shape when they are tended to.

Priority Service

PMA customers will be at the top of our service list. When everyone starts calling as the 90-plus degree temperatures hit, you can rest easy knowing your home or business will be addressed first.