Heating and AC Services in Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Why Choose Top Rechtin Heating & Air ?

  • Family Owned and operated by the 2nd and 3rd Generation
  • In business since 1964
  • Fully insured, bonded, and licensed
  • State of KY & National Contractor of the Year
  • All technicians are employed by Rechtin Heating (no subcontractors)
  • All technicians wear company uniforms and carry proper identification
    Technicians are engaged in continuing education to make them the best in the industry
  • We use drop cloths to protect your home and its furnishings
  • We offer financing to our customers (financing subject to credit approval)
  • Local ties to the community
  • Our success depends on your satisfaction
  • We truly believe family comes first





Tom Rechtin Values Families

Tom Rechtin HVAC fosters a familial atmosphere within its team, proud to have a long list of employees who have not only worked with us for decades, but also hiring some of their family members as well. This unique approach goes beyond traditional workplace dynamics, creating a sense of unity and shared commitment. The company values the inherent trust and collaboration that naturally arises when family members work together. This dynamic contributes to a supportive and cohesive work environment, enhancing communication and teamwork. Employees at Tom Rechtin HVAC not only bring their professional skills but also share a deeper connection, enriching the workplace with a shared sense of purpose and understanding that extends beyond typical professional relationships.



Tom Rechtin Employees with More Than 25 Years of Service

  • John Boemker hired in 1998.  Service Technician

  • Rob Gabbard hired in 1998.  Install Supervisor

  • Ken Kern hired in 1998.  Commercial Installer

  • Ed Krift Jr. hired in 1997.  Service technician / Install Manager

  • Kevin Hall hired in 1996. Service technician

  • Dan Kern hired in 1996.  Commercial Installer

  • Jerry Fuller hired in 1995.  Service Technician / Commercial Installer

  • Shannon Meyers hired in 1993.  Sheet Metal shop manager / Vehicle fleet manager

  • Jerry Class hired in 1993.  Residential Sales

  • Thomas B. Rechtin hired in 1986.  Owner / President

  • Tom Hunt hired in 1989.  Commercial Installer

  • Joe Kremer hired in 1976.  Service Department Manager

  • Dave Feldkamp hired in 1972.  Service Technician