Energy Saving Tips


Your homes heating and cooling equipment works very hard to keep you comfortable.  It also accounts for a good portion of your energy bill.  Prevention is key in regards to keeping your heating and cooling system running as efficiently as possible.  Breakdowns can occur at any time but are particularly troublesome during extreme weather.

Our team recommend the purchase of a preventive maintenance agreement (PMA) to keep your system running at peak efficiency.  Some of the many benefits of our PMA program are…

MONEY SAVER – Implementing a PMA saves you money on energy bills.  Dirty coils, blower wheels and filters can cause your system to run longer cycles to keep your home comfortable and during extreme temperatures a dirty system may not maintain your desired temperature.

EARLY INDENTIFICATION – A faulty heating or cooling system that breaks down in the dead of winter or in the middle of a scorching, humid summer is always unpleasant to deal with.  Our technicians can identify potential problems and make repairs BEFORE you have a breakdown.

REPAIR DISCOUNTS – Our PMA customers receive a 20% discount on any repairs performed as well as a 20% discount on all diagnostic fees.  PMA customers will never be hit with an overtime repair charge.

SYSTEM LONGEVITY – Regular maintenance means that any issues will be resolved quickly and a clean, efficient system should equate to longer system life.

PRIORITY SERVICE – PMA customers are given priority when it comes to getting a technician to your home.  Usually, everyone waits till the temperature hits 90 before turning on the a/c  and when those temps hit, we get booked up.  Put yourself at the top of the list and become a PMA customer today.